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TRAIN Fitness Studio is your local fitness facility, catering for all abilities within a fun and friendly environment.

Fitness classes for all abilities

With classes available every day of the week, simply read below to find the perfect class for you!


HIIT circuits are back!
You now have a choice of HIIT classes whereby you can stay in place with your own equipment and workout space, or take part in our circuit classes for more variety, more movements and more fun!

One of our original classes and a firm favourite with many members.

High Intensity Interval Training is a proven weight loss and fitness tool, and provides the principle behind this class, using varying intervals of work and rest to push your limits and help you reach your goals.

We change the workouts daily to mix up your training and keep you motivated. Its a different full body workout every time but the same great results!


WOD classes are another favourite for TRAIN members. The ultimate all rounder of a class targeting your strength, technique, skill and fitness.

Our Workout Of the Day classes are often structured with a section of the class to solely focus on strength and technique, allowing you to get stronger, safely. Followed by conditioning work aimed to improve your all round performance, from your fitness, to your skill level, to your ability to move well. Always varied, always progressing you.

Plus our coaches are on hand to adapt exercises specifically to you so that you get the most out of your workout. All abilities welcome for these full body workouts that create all round fitness!


The short but sweet...and we aren't talking about the instructor (sorry Amy!)

Our shortest class of all, at just 30 minutes long, but by no means an easy workout! This class is great for those of you who are short on time allowing you to get a quick workout in. Or as many TRAIN members already do, it's a great add on class for after a HIIT session giving your abs a quick blast!

Our core class is suitable for all abilities and provides a chance for you to focus entirely on your core strength and activation. A strong core is the foundation for your body to move well not only through exercises but everyday life.

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ARE you just getting started? We offer a beginners course so that people of all abilities can come join the family

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Mobility is often an underrated aspect of training and moving well, and can sometimes be the limiting factor in your training or the cause of injuries and poor posture.
Our mobility class is a 30 minute session, utilising static and dynamic stretches in order to improve your range of motion, ability to move well and your all round mobility.

Are you a beginner?

We offer beginners classes so that people of all abilities can come and join team TRAIN

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4 Weeks on and I feel fitter, stronger and happier, and I’ve met a great group of people who have now become friends. If you are sitting there pondering whether to join, my advice would be GO FOR IT! The hardest part is making the decision to sign up, but once you’ve done that, you’ve already started your fitness journey.  

Good luck! Catrin


After having to leave my previous gym, I was a little bit worried about having to join a new one. I didn't need to worry at all. I've settled right into the HIIT classes that are just the right length of time. The lads who run this place are full of passion and are so friendly and knowledgeable. They really look after you. I recommend to everyone.



Supportive, friendly atmosphere, with well-designed, constantly changing HIIT and WOD classes, plus open gym.



I’ve always struggled to keep motivated with exercise but with Luke’s help in just 10 weeks I have lost over 18lbs and 3 inches off my waist. I only trained twice a week and stuck to my nutrition plan and I’m really pleased with my progress.



For someone who’s always been nervous of this type of exercise and also feeling self conscious - I love the HIIT classes! Luke always helps and explains anything I’m dumb on. Hard work but seriously enjoyable at the same time. A good group of people in the classes too!



Everyone is super friendly which just makes the whole experience better.



Don’t forget to join our members facebook group once you’ve signed up. Here you can keep up to date with everything TRAIN, interact with other members and find out about all of our social and fitness events.




I have been working in the fitness industry since 2015, with experience in helping a range of clients reach their goals, from complete beginners to experienced gym goers. I am a fully qualified personal trainer, nutrition coach, fitness instructor and pre and post natal specialist. In 2021 I took part in my first crossfit open and came in the top 30% in the world.


From working for sports coaching north west in 2014 where I would teach various sports, classes and summer camps to children in the local area. Since then I have pursued my interest in fitness and completed my personal training and fitness instructor qualifications in 2018. Motivating people to reach their goals through our classes and Personal training.


I have always been interested in sports and fitness and have recently become a personal trainer and fitness instructor with the aim of helping others progress on their fitness journeys. One of my personal goals last year was to complete my first marathon which I achieved and I have since enjoyed helping clients reach their running goals too.


As a gymnast I competed at national level for several years. This developed my interest in fitness and nutrition which is now a real passion. After obtaining A levels in Physical Education and Nutrition I joined Sports Coaching North West where I worked with children in local schools, as well as working in a local gymnastics club. I am excited to be a part of Train Fitness Studio as a qualified Personal Trainer where I can help people achieve their goals.


I’m a CrossFit and British Atlas Weightlifting certified coach with over ten years of experience competing and coaching elite fitness. I have a passion for training and helping others to develop their individual abilities. I run the 8 week Barbell and Kinetic courses which focuses on improving your olympic lifting and gymnastics skills, no matter what level you are currently at.



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Unlimited Visits to
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Includes all classes
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Unlimited Visits to
TRAIN each month




Includes all classes
& open gym sessions

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All monthly memberships are on a rolling contract (2 months minimum) with a 40 day cancellation period
*Available when a couple signs up with memberships starting on the same date. Price shown is per person


Fun, friendly fitness for members at all levels.

After never using a gym before I was very nervous but beginners HIIT has been a fantastic introduction to the gym and I would highly recommend. They are small classes so you feel totally at ease (especially as I ask to be shown things over again but it's never a problem), my confidence is building and I've made a lovely group of gym friends. I’m looking forward to the rest of the course and joining the full HIIT classes”


Just completed the 4 week beginners HIIT course with Jack. This was a great way to get familiar with the gym and different exercises . I feel so much more confident joining the classes now. Thanks for all the help, and to all the lovely people I have met


I’ve just completed the 4 week Beginners HIIT class and have really enjoyed it. It's hard work but totally worth it and lots of fun. Luke was a fab trainer and very helpful and patient. Will be booking further classes now I've learnt the basic techniques. Can't recommend Train highly enough. It's so much better than traditional gyms. If you're thinking about booking classes, do it!



Our beginners 4 week course adapted so that you can join us at any time and kickstart your fitness journey. Classes are taught in small groups of up to 6 people and concentrate on teaching you the correct exercise techniques starting with the basics. From these sessions you will learn, improve, and gradually build up your fitness levels allowing you to feel more confident and ready for our full classes when you decide to take that next step!

You also have two styles of classes to choose from…

Beginners WOD or Beginners HIIT. Each of these with teach you everything you need to know before joining the full versions of these classes. For more information on the difference between the two, check out our “CLASSES” section at the top of this page.

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Did you know our beginners fitness 4 week guide is now more accessible than ever before! You can join us for live virtual classes and get an extra helping hand from our coaches or you can gain exclusive access to our online workout videos where you can train anytime to suit you all within the comfort of your own home. Plus if you need any extra support, we’re only a message away.


Focused around the Olympic lifts of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, this eight week course is for anyone that wants to improve:

· Bar Technique
· Power & Strength
· Speed
· Mobility & Flexibility
· Co-ordination
· Posture
· Muscle Tone

Designed for both individuals that have never picked a barbell up in their lives and those who can't go a day without lifting one, this course is designed to teach, improve and refine your skills regardless of age or experience. Perfect for anyone that wants to learn something new or up their game in other classes!Our qualified weightlifting coach will work with you to assess your movement range, provide you with a personal set of recommendations and teach you the finer points of lifting in a safe, injury proofed group format.



With each session structured around four pillars (physical awareness, balance, skill and strength), this course is designed to give you:

· Improved agility, balance and awareness
· Weight loss and a bulletproof core
· Greater physical control and confidence
· New skills to help you reach personal goals and improve overall day to day performance

For anyone that wants to get their first pushup, pullup, toe to bar, rope climb, muscle up, handstand…or even handstand walk. Over eight weeks we will teach you the basic building blocks of better movement and put you on the path to better physical capacity.Limited spaces available! Contact us to book your place on one of the next courses or for more information. These courses are not included within memberships however we do over a significant discount for gold members.



Need an extra helping hand to reach your goals? Look no further than personal training at TRAIN, for all the support you’ll need along your health and fitness journey.

Solo or duo personal training

Train on your own for a completely personalised training experience, or train with a friend or partner so you can enjoy your fitness journey together!

Free nutritional Advice

Included in all block bookings for personal training giving you a sustainable diet plan and the knowledge of how to control this.

free consultation

We want you to get the most out of your time exercising & enjoy the process! So if you’re not sure what the best training plan for you is, then you can book a free 30 minute consultation and we’ll provide the option that is right for you!


Book your first class via the mindbody app, enjoy it, and if you sign up straight after the class, we will deduct this one off class fee from your first months membership!




Located in Sandbach directly next to Sandbach Train Station and with our own parking on site, the studio is easily accessible no matter what your mode of transport.

PHONE: 07896 593109

For up to date opening hours and class timetables, please visit our instagram or facebook or contact us!